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Please Read Response to COVID-19 Recommendations

Dear valued Client/Guardian,I'm updating changes made for telehealth that went into effect 03/18/20.  The decision has been made to begin seeing current and new clients in office again as well as continuing to offer telehealth via Doxy.Me as it has been a wonderful resource for many and is still being covered by most insurance policies.
Remember your emotional and relational health is as important as your physical health right now and I want to be of service to you as we all work through these times of uncertainty.  Please do all you can to take care of yourselves and each other! 

~Cindy Austin, LCSW Owner/Psychotherapist

My name is Cindy Austin LCSW, and I help young adults, adults, parents, and families (ages 16 yrs +)who are dealing with difficult life circumstances such as a new medical diagnosis, caregiver burnout, job loss, chronic pain condition, or other invisible illness such as Fibromyalgia.  I help to reduce stress, relieve emotional pain, and resolve stuck places.  Whether you’re here because you know there's a problem but unsure how to solve it, or you're here because you've tried everything you know and nothing seems to be working.  Either’ve come  to the right place.  Welcome.  

I passionately sow seeds of hope alongside the lives of folks just like you who may feel powerless, lost, guilty, exhausted, and alone.  Who knows all too well what it's like when things don't go as planned.  We can all regardless of age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, etc find ourselves at a crossroads where we are no longer ok with things not being ok and want more out of life and our relationships.  You’ve most likely read the books, and asked friends or family for advice. Yet, nothing seems to really work.  You’re looking for a therapist who gets it.  You’re looking for that person who is not only down to earth, but offers practical and realistic help. You may have realized how many therapist say they work with children, adults, and families in your search which makes it even more confusing finding the right person.

My hope is that you’ve found the right person here. Not only do I have specific training for working with anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, relationships, parenting, and human sexuality/gender; I offer flexibility, convenience for busy folks, with 24/7 online scheduling, downloadable paperwork, a client portal to complete all paperwork and the ability to send me a message between sessions if needed.  I also offer online therapy for adults who have difficulty with transportation, scheduling and disabilities. I want you, your child/teen and family to get the help you deserve.  

Please take a look around and if you like what you see, give me a call to schedule your first appointment. I’d love to help you begin the process today.

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My Commitment

  •  To be 100% committed to your success plan

  • You will be provided the best, most competent care. I'm not afraid of referring out if unable to meet your needs.

  • Your time will always be respected.