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Did You Know?

*ESAs can live in no-pet buildings

*Landlords, Co-Ops and HOAs can’t charge fees and deposits for ESAs

*Breed and weight restrictions are not allowed for ESAs

*ESAs can fly in the airplane cabin on participating airlines, free of charge

*Only licensed health care professionals can issue ESA letters

*Common conditions ESAs help with are depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD

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How it works...

1.  After clicking the “Get Started” button you will schedule and complete a questionnaire via your portal. Your responses will be provided to Cindy Austin, LCSW who will help determine whether an ESA is right for you.

2. After completing the questionnaire you will submit payment information via our secure and encrypted partner IVYPAY.

Your card information is kept confidential and if you are not issued an ESA letter, you will receive a prompt refund minus the $150 evaluation fee so you can find help in other ways. 

3. If Cindy Austin, LCSW determines that you qualify for an ESA letter you will receive a digital copy of your ESA letter within 1-3 business days of getting approved.

You can then submit your ESA letter to your landlord, Co-Op, HOA or participating airline for the accommodation of your ESA. 

If you request additional documentation such as college/university housing completion of those forms will be an additional fee that range typically $100 to $150.