About Therapy

Life Coaching/Healthy at Every Size Weight Management

Have you found yourself struggling with emotional eating?  Failed diets only to feel shame and guilt?  Dread going for your next doctor's appointment because of the dreaded scale?  I hope you will find fresh hope in exploring and actually achieving your wellness goals with me as your partner in the journey!  I personally know the complex and often misinformed approaches to "DIETING" and am here to offer an approach founded in the most current research available today using a personalized plan specific to your unique goals.  I partner with one of North Carolinas leading experts in nutrition as a registered dietitian/nutritionists to offer a truly unique team approach that will address your unique nutritional and behavioral/psychological needs.  I myself am a DIET dropout who has successfully met my wellness goals through self love, mindful eating, and nurturance versus strict dieting, shame, guilt, and deprivation.  There are no magic pills, quick fixes, or promises here of a one session cure all.  What I can offer is a non-judgmental space to explore not only what you're eating but more importantly what's eating at you.  Helping you discover your most authentic self and realistic weight goals while having some fun along the way!  Please review my Google page!  Book a free phone consult today to learn more and to see if coaching or traditional counseling may be best route for you.   

Adult Counseling & Supportive Services

  • Adult Counseling in Hickory NC for adjusting to painful or worrisome life events such as new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one, traumatic event, or pain condition such as Fibromyalgia.  Adult therapy is offered for those wishing to gain greater coping and work through grief and loss associated with what is often referred to as a "new normal' way of living after the diagnosis.   Whether seeking therapy for symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief/loss, sexuality/gender concerns, intimacy mismatch, or workplace/career change, my goal is to provide an open platform to unpack the things that are heavy.  I'm intentional around creating safe space for LGBT+ community and marginalized.   


  • As a solo practitioner; I am not the best fit for those who require weekly sessions in order to maintain safety or enhanced wrap around intensive services for stabilization of mood and or personality disorders.  I'm more than happy to discuss these unique needs with you and provide a list of providers in the area who may provide a more robust level of intervention such as DBT, Intensive In-Home, or Family Preservation.  I do not provide child custody, sex offender, or substance use evaluations or treatment.