About Therapy

 Parent Coaching

  • For parents who need support processing their own experiences of becoming a parent, unresolved trauma, grief, and loss, and who want to prioritize how they relate with others, especially the people in their family I offer positive parenting coaching using the tools of both attachment based theory and neuroscience.  Parents who find themselves with "baby blues" or overwhelm with the adjustment to being new caregivers.  There are many parenting resources out there and my approach is individualized to your unique learning style, strengths, and goals.  My approach is described by many new parents and grandparents alike as "genuine, nonjudgmental, and practical".

  • I get asked often "How do I know if my child needs therapy?"

  • The answer I most often give is to trust your instinct especially if others in your child's life also have concerns such as teachers, scout leaders, babysitters, relatives, and family friends.  For more details and signs from KidsHealth click here.





  • I believe in…
    • …using your strengths and natural resiliency to promote change.
    • …the healing powers of mindfulness.

  • I believe that you…
    • …can feel pain without suffering.
    • …are not your illness.
    • …can reach your goals.

  • I believe that therapy works best when…
    • …both you and your counselor are invested in your healing.
    • …you and your counselor meet consistently.
    • …you are willing to do the work.

  • I believe that change is possible…
    • …with persistent and consistent practice.
    • …when you allow yourself to ask for help.
    • …when you open yourself to the belief that not all change is negative.


Adult Counseling & Supportive Services

  • Adult Counseling in Hickory NC for adjusting to painful or worrisome life events such as new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one, traumatic event, or pain condition such as Fibromyalgia.  Adult therapy is offered for those wishing to gain greater coping and work through grief and loss associated with what is often referred to as a "new normal' way of living after the diagnosis.   Whether seeking therapy for symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief/loss, sexuality/gender concerns, intimacy mismatch, or workplace/career change, my goal is to provide an open platform to unpack the things that are heavy.  I'm intentional around creating safe space for LGBT+ community and marginalized.   


  • As a solo practitioner; I am not the best fit for those who require weekly sessions in order to maintain safety or enhanced wrap around intensive services for stabilization of mood and or personality disorders.  I'm more than happy to discuss these unique needs with you and provide a list of providers in the area who may provide a more robust level of intervention such as DBT, Intensive In-Home, or Family Preservation.  I do not provide child custody, sex offender, or substance use evaluations or treatment.    

  • Educational Advocacy is offered for clients who may benefit from providing clinical consultation and advocacy around your child's educational rights, accommodations, and special education.  My experience working in and with daycares and schools to provide observations, recommendations, and  behavior success planning has been helpful for both school and family.  This service is not covered by most insurance companies; however is often added to your child's treatment plan to increase greater educational outcomes.  Flexible payment options are available and fee schedule given at time of intake. 





    • I tried to teach my child with books.

    • He gave me only puzzled looks.

    • I used clear words to discipline,

    • But I never seemed to win.

    • Despairingly, I turned aside.

    • “How shall I reach this child?” I cried.

    • Into my hand he put the key:

    • “Come,” he said, “Play with me.”

    • —Author unknown (adapted by Aletha Solter)


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